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Residential and Commercial Acrylic Flooring Designs. 

Custom tile patterns featuring your choice of color, grout color, tile size, pattern and texture. A border can be added to the tile and floor design area with custom border color as well. Choose satin or gloss finish. Interior and exterior flooring.

Creating a protective "Freeze and Thaw" Resistant surface. The normal movement of concrete is what normally causes it to look bad over time. Our products are twice the strength of normal concrete and more flexible. Able to withstand movement while resisting cracking.


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Residential and Commercial Acrylic Square Tile Flooring in Lubbock Texas 

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Acrylic Cement

Acrylic Modified Cement provides strong, durable flooring with beautiful colors that last for years. Decorative tile colors and tile designs. Fade resistant. Designed for harsh UV environments. 

Our limitless number of tile designs, colors and textures provide the unique, beautiful look for home, office and commercial retail spaces. The beautiful look of marble, the durable look of granite, a custom decorative tile or an acid stain look that will be durable and last for years. Our flooring products create a beautiful living space while not breaking your pocket book. 

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Lubbock Flooring Products and Designs

Lubbock Flooring Products

How Do You Choose the Best Flooring Products for Your Home or Business? [Guide]

Choosing flooring for your home is an important decision. Considering how much flooring materials cost, how much time is spent installing the flooring, and the effort and cost that goes into maintenance, it's no wonder that many property owners want to be sure that they choose the most suitable flooring for their home.

If you're trying to figure out which flooring to install in your home or business, this article guides you on what to consider. Read on to choose the best flooring for your rooms.


Consider the location and use of the floors. High-traffic areas need more durable materials whereas comfort and aesthetic appeal may be prioritized in other spaces.

The following are the most suitable uses for common flooring types of flooring material.

  • Tile. It's easy to clean and highly water-resistant as it is made from porcelain or ceramic. It great for kitchens and bathrooms... 
February 02, 2019
Lubbock Concrete Stain and Acid Staining

Decorative Acid Stain Flooring

Acid-stained flooring is affordable

Among the main advantages of acid-stained concrete floors is that they're cost-effective. This flooring option costs less per square foot than comparable flooring options. The cost of having your concrete floors acid-stained depends on the variety of colors used and the complexity of the project among other variables.

If you're looking for a beautiful flooring option for your home or business but are limited by your budget, acid-stained concrete flooring is a great solution.

Acid-stained flooring is durable

Concrete is commonly used for exterior surfaces such as patios and driveways because it can withstand harsh elements and physical activity such as children playing or a car being driven on it. So acid-stained concrete floors a strong, long-lasting option for your high-traffic spaces such as where children play or customers walk through.

An acid stain floor lasts longer than comparable flooring options such as natural stone flooring. You don't have to worry about chipping or scratch as you customers walk on the floor, pets running on it, or toddlers dropping hard toys on it.

December 13, 2018
The Trendy Tile Look for Less

The Trendy Tile Look for Less

Tile flooring has stormed its way to center stage as one of the most popular, yet timeless, choices for the updated home. In a recent article featured on, flooring and design experts share the top flooring trends that “...bring style and function to any space.” Tile flooring is a tried-and-true style that has found its niche in nearly every home décor era. From your mother’s rose pink bathroom, to your son’s modern bachelor pad, tile is a time-tested option for your home renovation. Thankfully the pastels have faded out in favor of more contemporary designs, in anything from neutral earth tones to glitzy marble designs. For this “design era” in particular, large format tiles are an on-trend design that will never feel outdated. With both classic and modern elements, tile flooring is sure to please for years to come, whether you are remodeling your forever home or simply giving your space a facelift before putting it on the market....

With an endless number of texture, color, shape, and sheen options, we really can create anything you can imagine! Support your local small businesses in Lubbock Texas and give us a call today at 806-787-0318 to schedule your free estimate!

November 30, 2018

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