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King's Landing Gray Large Tile Design Pattern | Lubbock Tile Flooring | Install Price Sq Ft

$8.20 $5.70

King's Landing Gray 
Large Tile Patterns

King's Landing Gray Large Tile Flooring Lubbock Texas

Residential and Commercial Acrylic Gray Tile Flooring.     

King's Landing Gray Large Flooring Tile Pattern. Featuring Oxford Gray, Platinum Gray, Dark Gray and Black colors. Customize your design and choice of grout color. Decorative tile image features a 20 in tile size. Floor tiles are mold and mildew resistant, chemical resistant and skid resistant texture. Transform indoor and out door living ares with acrylic tile concrete resurfacing products. 

Choose satin or gloss finish. Interior and exterior flooring. 

A tile border can be added to the tile area with custom border color as well. 

Priced per square foot.

Price dependent upon condition of current concrete surface.  

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Residential and Commercial Acrylic King's Landing Gray Large Tile Flooring in Lubbock Texas