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Ocean Beach Reflective Flooring Epoxy System | Lubbock Tile Flooring | Install Price Sq Ft

$12.50 $7.85

Ocean and Beach Reflective Flooring Epoxy System 

Ocean Beach Reflective Floor Residential Commercial Epoxy Resurfacing

Decorative Ocean Beach Reflective Flooring Epoxy System manufactured by CTi Concrete Technology is unique product in our line of floor coatings. Ideal for home, commercial and industrial interiors, this super fast curing epoxy coating is highly durable and absolutely stunning.   

The Reflective Floor System achieves a smooth, high gloss finish with a beautiful 3 dimensional effect within. This design features Ocean Blue colors that flow up to the bar area surrounded by the colors of sand. One of a kind. Other color blends are also available. 

Our blend of colors create a natural and beautiful environment for your home or business floors. 

Install price per square foot.

Price dependent upon condition of current concrete surface.  

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Residential and Commercial Decorative Ocean Beach Reflective Flooring Epoxy System in Lubbock Texas