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Sandstone Concrete Sealer System | Lubbock Tile Flooring | Install Price Sq Ft

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Sandstone Concrete Sealer System  

Sandstone Concrete Sealer    
Residential Commercial Floor Resurfacing

Concrete Sealer and Flooring System manufactured by CTi Concrete Technology. A (3) three coating system. Creates a durable and chemical resistant floor surface. Ideal for home, commercial and industrial interiors. This super fast curing concrete sealer coating is highly durable and long lasting.   

Aquathane 6000 is an Industrial Maintenance Coating which meets strict VOC limits. The low odor makes it ideal for indoor use such as schools, hospitals and hotels. It has very good UV resistance and high gloss.  

This floor surface is located in a commercial basement area. The room had suffered water damage and the flooring was a mess. Our first coat applied after cleaning, grinding and prepping the surface is a water barrier and primer Smart Prep. Color Sandstone is added to that coating. Then another clear sealer called ENVIRO PRIME  was applied. ENVIRO PRIME is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy designed as a high performance self-leveling industrial floor primer for concrete.  ENVIRO PRIME has a low viscosity that seals the concrete and provides a primer for the top coat. Perfect for use in warehouse flooring, garage flooring, automotive, schools, hotels and more. Excellent abrasion resistance. 

After that dried, we applied our tough Aquathane 6000. 

Install price per square foot.

Price dependent upon condition of current concrete surface.  

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Residential and Commercial Sandstone Concrete Sealer System in Lubbock Texas